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Spanish Cedar

///Spanish Cedar
    • Tree: Cedrela trees may attain heights of 100 feet or more. The buttressed trees usually have trunks with diameters of 36 to 72 inches.
    • Sapwood Color: The sapwood is pale and not sharply differentiated from the heartwood.
    • Heartwood Color: Usually ranges from pale pinkish-brown to dark reddish-brown, darkening upon exposure.
    • Grain: Generally straight or slightly interlocked.
    • Texture: Moderately coarse. Luster: Varies from lustrous to very lustrous.
    • Odor: Natural oils in the wood give off a distinctive fragrance.
    • Movement: Dimensionally stable. Holds its shape very well after seasoning.
    • Natural Durability: Heartwood has high natural resistance to decay. The sapwood is vulnerable to attack by powder-post beetles. Moderate to high resistance to termites.
    • Working characteristics: Easily worked with both hand tools and machines.
    • Strength Properties: Medium bending strength, much weaker than White oak or Teak.
    • Resistance to compression parallel to grain is low. Surfaces may dent or scratch easily since the wood is soft. Weight and density are about average. Relative to weight, strength properties are generally high.
    • Boards Surfaced all Four Sides to measurement shown plus or minus 1/2" on length and width