Oneida Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector 5hp 14 Gal XSK000014

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Oneida Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector 5hp 14 Gal XSK000014



From Oneida, the Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector, 14 Gallon, may be the solution to your dust collection problems. Named for one of the world’s most powerful cyclonic storm systems, the Supercell is the first and only dust collector on the market with enough static pressure and air movement to effectively capture and contain dust from every tool in the shop with a dust port size of 1″ to 5″. From the smallest handheld sanders, table saws and miter saws, to jointers, planers and even CNC Routers this unit is a workhorse that can handle some of the largest jobs.

The Supercell is especially useful for problematic 2″ diameter ports where standard collectors don’t provide adequate suction and wet/dry vacuums can’t move enough air to effectively collect dust and debris. With an adaptable design, it mounts conveniently to the wall and can be installed virtually anywhere in the shop. With easy tool connections, connect as far away as 100′ and up to 4″ hose and ductwork. Packed with innovative features, including HEPA filtration with internal pulse filter cleaner and dust bin level sensor, the Supercell is the perfect dust collection system for the big or small shop. Patent Pending


  • 10x higher suction power than standard dust collectors
  • Accommodates simultaneous use of up to 3 tools with 1″ to 2.5″ dust ports
  • 3 – 1300W modular motors (combined 5HP equivalent) operates at 230V with magnetic starter and overload protector
  • Wireless remote control operates at radio frequency
  • Ultra-high efficiency cyclone separator removes 99% of dust from incoming airstream
  • Premium HEPA filtration rated at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns with non-stick, PTFE membrane
  • Internal pulse filter cleaner removes clogs in seconds
  • Lightweight 14-gallon mobile dust bin with liner bag holder and fill level viewing window
  • Dust Sentry automatically alerts When the dust drum/dust bin is full
  • Mounts to walls with standard 16″ stud spacing. Inlet rotates to match your shop layout.
  • Includes 25′ of reinforced, 4″ diameter vacuum-pressured rated flex hose


  • Maximum Suction Rating: 97.8″ WC
  • Motor Type: 3x 1300W Modular Motors
  • Horsepower: 5HP Total
  • Motor Speed: 48,800RPM
  • Phase: 1PH/Single Phase
  • Amperage: 17A
  • Voltage: 208-230V
  • Cycle: 60HZ
  • Listed FLA: 18A
  • On/Off Switch: Magnetic Starter with on-off Switch preset for Included Remote
  • Power Cord Length: 10′
  • Power Connector: NEMA 6-20
  • Recommended Circuit Size: 20 A
  • Recommended Circuit Type: HACR
  • Sound Emission: 80 dBA at 10′
  • Filter Media Type: HEPA Certified
  • Filter Efficiency: 99.97% at 0.3 microns
  • Filter Surface Area: 40 sq. ft.
  • CFM Rating: 465 CFM
  • Merv Rating: 16+
  • Waste Capacity: 14 Gallons
  • Primary Build Materials: Cold rolled steel, SD Polyethylene, seam welded
  • Static Resistance Rating: Conductive (metal)
  • Inlet Size: 4″ O.D.
  • Discharge Size: 5″O.D.
  • Measurements: 20″w x 21″ d x 61″ h
  • Weight: 76lbs


  • Fan Motor Assembly
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Remote Control
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Pulse Filter Cleaner
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Wall Bracket
  • Blast Gate
  • Turn Key Clamp – 2 each
  • Mobile Dust Bin
  • Dust Sentry Bin level indicator
  • Bag Retainer System
  • 25′ x 4″ Vacuum Pressure rated Hose
  • 5 Liner Bags
  • Viewing Window
  • Hardware

1 year warranty

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Please note this unit is built to order.  The current lead time is 3-4 weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.