Oneida Dust Cobra Industrial Dust Collector Kit Model XCKM010000-IND

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Oneida Dust Cobra Industrial Dust Collector Kit Model XCKM010000-IND


Oneida Air Systems’ Dust Cobra® is the system of choice for both hobbyist and professional craftsman looking for a powerful, compact, and versatile dust control system. Its patented cyclonic design provides 3x higher airflow performance when compared to traditional vacuums and works to minimize downtime by virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss.

By combining the best features of a dust collector and a vacuum, the portable Dust Cobra is a hybrid system that can be used in nearly any application for general shop clean-up. Its high pressure intake makes it ideal for dust extraction from tools with dust ports 4″ dia. and smaller (where standard dust collectors fall short) including sanders, buffers, edgers, grinders, band saws, scroll saws, chop/miter saws, routers, mini-lathes, and more!

Innovative Benefits & Features

  • Industrial 120V High Performance Fan Blower Motor
  • Streamlined High-Efficiency Cyclone Separator with 2.5″ Inlet
  • Full-Unit HEPA Certification Meets & Exceeds EPA RRP Guidelines
  • Internal Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner™ System
  • Compact Footprint
  • Reinforced 17 or 35-Gallon Steel Dust Bin
  • Automatic Bag Holder System (5 Free Bags Included)
  • Automatic Dust Bin Level Sensor
  • Mobility Kit with Large, Non-Marking Casters (2x Locking)
  • 25 Foot Vacuum Hose and Hose Accessory Kit
See how Clayscapes, a pottery supply, and pottery school uses the Industrial Dust Cobra for cleanup of toxic materials around the studio.
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This makes it ideal for use with panel saws routers dremel tools carving tools scroll saws band saws mini-lathes chop and miter saws or general clean up. Where the dust cobra really shines is in floor sandingrefinishing applications. You can finish your big sander jobs easier cleaner safer and faster with the dust cobra thanks to its compact footprint and ultra-high efficiency cyclonic vacuum.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs


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